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    Flex Video Caps

      Hi, everybody!

      We are working on a video player using Flex. It will work only in our LAN.
      A general use case is here.

      The user gives a name of a video he/she is looking for, than the player sends that request to a database server which stores information related to all videos in our LAN (e.g. ratings, comments, UNC paths to videos - for example \\server\video\Fun\football.avi).

      Then he gets a list of videos found and clicks on some item in the list. The video is played by the application.
      At least we want to do it in this way.

      Is Flex able to perform this functionality? Will it be able to load videos on to the client using UNC path (Smb) and just play them? Are there any problems with video formats (videos are basically in avi format) or accessing video servers by UNC names?

      If it won't does there exist some way to implement this functionality using Flex, or some software which can interact with Flex/Flash?

      How would you implement this? The chief difficulty here is that all videos are located on various servers, have various size and so there is no any way to store them on the same server using the same format.

      Any help would be appreciated.