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    New user - fade question

    Freestyle MD
      I've managed to set up a basic site application without too many problems. One of the elements is a simple image gallery using a viewstack with fades, but I've noticed that the fade only seems to take effect the second time an image appears on screen. I'm guessing that there's a trick that I'm missing to make sure that the fade happens first time as well.
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          SujitG Level 2
          can you tell us when exactly are you invoking the fade effect. Can you try invoking the fade effect on the creationCompleteEffect of the ViewStack.

          Hope this helps.
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            Freestyle MD Level 1
            Hi, Thanks for the reply. I started out by using showEffect and hideEffect as in the examples given in the online help. This was when I first noticed the problem, so I tried the creationCompleteEffect of the ViewStack, but that didn't seem to make any difference. I was thinking that this must be a well-known thing with some programming trick which needs to be implemented to take care of the first appearance of an image.