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    How to get rid of Channel.Security.Error when developing locally?

    eedok Level 1
      okay here's the rundown, I'm trying to use an HTTPService that's on https://mydomain.com, when I hit the run button in flex builder I get a Channel.Security.Error because file:///User/.../main.html is not the same domain as mydomain.com, so in order to run it I'm hitting the run button, then sftping the swf to mydomain.com/~myname/ and then I don't get the error. The big issue with this is I can't figure out how to attach the debugger when I do this.

      So the question is, is there a way I can either disable the url security settings when the flash file is being run from file:// or do something to make it so I can debug just by hitting the button instead of having to jump through all these copying hoops?