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    Lightroom Classic CC keep syncing photos from another computer while syncing from Lightroom mobile is totally fine.




      I have a problem to sync photos from my home laptop to my office new laptop. The Lightroom Classic CC on my office laptop keep telling me that It's syncing 110 photos and there are only entire photos from my mobile that are synced to my office laptop


      First, I though there is a syncing problem from my home laptop's side but in my cloud library (Photo Editor | Online Photoshop Lightroom ), there are entire photos from my home laptop.


      Second, I tried to install Lightroom CC into my office laptop and then I open it to prove that it is about a proxy server or not but All photos from my home laptop are download to Lightroom CC


      I try to reinstall Lightroom Classic CC and rebuild synced data but It's not work.


      Do you have any suggestion? I don't want to use Lightroom CC instead since required functions on Classic CC are not in CC yet. !