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    Photoshop Elements & Premier 2018 - stopcode: inaccesable boot device.


      I've just purchased Photoshop Elements & Premier 2018. When I reboot (restart) my HP ProBook, blue screen appears with:- stopcode: inaccesable boot device. I recently had Win10 and Apps re-installed owing to Win update issues on the HP laptop device.


      I then have to apply a System Recovery Point before the installed app -  Photoshop Elements 2018, so as to use the laptop as per normal. I also noticed that on Elements 7 now has the same issue, as I have this on CD. Prior to IT re-installing  / formatting the hard drive I could still use Elements 7. I then purchased Elements 2018 thinking that Elements 7 is obsolete and no longer runs on Win10, but still have the same issue with Elements 2018.


      When I shut down the laptop and switch on again the lap top boots-up as per normal - but with a reboot the blue screen appear when trying to boot-up.


      Other apps not associated with Adobe Elements work accordingly when re-installed.


      I did read on the web that this issue could be related to hard drives being formatted and then Win10 re-installed. It mentioned something to do with "Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for visual studio 2012, but installed this without success.


      Please advise to correct this issue as I don't what to return product / refund monies, but want to use the app.