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    Background video not working

    cathrinen92883330 Level 1


      I have a problem with background videos. I have tried 3 different widgets, and the same happens every time. It shows only a white background when i previews in browser or muse. No video. I have follow the tutorial  for the different widgets, but no video. Could there be anything wrong with my settings in Muse?


      Her are the widget i try:









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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Cathrine,


          If the video isn't working with any of the widgets they probably its an issue with the video file itself.


          Have you tried any other video file formats?


          Often the videos also doesn't play if you don't upload the site, have you uploaded the same?





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            cathrinen92883330 Level 1

            Thank u.

            I tried to swap video, same result. Yes, I also tried another video format. I tried to insert a youtube video. It works with one of the widget, but the loop was not nice and seamless. Vimeo does not work.


            But then i uploaded the side to a webhost. http://craftandcreate.no

            I tried the website on my mac and my employer's mac. The video is displayed in all browsers without safari.


            Also tried a window machine. That worked well after I put the web site into a web host. (



            If I preview it in a muse, the video does not work.


            So it does not work in safari. Anyone who has any ideas why?