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    Upresing/Downresing Sequences


      I'm working on conforming a project passed on from another editor where they edited with half-size media in a full-size sequence, with black space that when we reconnect to full-size media was supposed to fill the frame proportionately. However, when I reconnect to full size media or try scaling the sequence to half-size (to match the footage resolution), any footage that isn't perfectly centered doesn't line up.


      1. What is causing this? I've upresed by doubling the sequence size and reconnecting to full res media before and it's worked fine, but it's not working here when the media is half size but the sequence is full size. How does Premiere calculate positioning?


      2. Is there a good solution to automate upresing in this situation? We're on a time crunch and eye matching would be pretty tough because it's a 100+ minute piece and there are rotations, movies, and layers of footage.


      It's important to note I have to stay in Premiere for this project, since a lot of the grading and some light comping work has already been done.


      Thanks in advanced for any help!