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    QTVR controls

      I have built a project which includes multi-node qtvr, the client does not like how the grey bar is so small as it is for a touch screen monitor. Is there any way I can have buttons with the frame of the qtvr that controls zoom in/out and turn hotspots on/off aswell as go back to last node? I have used qtvrxtra before which only works on single row qtvrs, i have produced cubic.
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          Not sure what you mean by "buttons with the frame of the qtvr"? but you can create buttons with the functions you want using the standard Lingo QTVR commands. They will work with cubics very well, I have done this many times. Multinodes are more complex to script, I have found it easier to use Lingo to link single node movies together with Blob Hotspots. I think it has many advantages. single nodes can be edited, Lingo is more flexible than QuickTime scripting, load just one node to memory at a time etc.

          If you want to include your buttons within the QuickTime movie itself then this is more complex, but is possible if you build your own "skin" and script for the movie. Look at http://www.totallyhip.com/ for professional authoring tools. I think the Apple website also has lots of info about this sort of thing at http://developer.apple.com/quicktime/

          I would suggest that you use the Lingo option which works very well and you can create a skin in director. Look in the Categorized Lingo script Library, under: Media Element, QuickTimeVR
          Have fun.
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            vrthree Level 1
            I am not a programmer so you have to treat me like a fool.

            The code is asking for an spriteObRef. What do I type here? I have done it before but cannot remember.

            Do I need to insert the qyvr through media elements or can I just import it from file, import?
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              vrthree Level 1
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                Cpt.Haddock Level 1
                The spriteObjRef is the reference to the sprite that the line of script will act upon. You can just import the QT from file, import, as with all quickTime this will just make a link to the external file, so you need to keep the original file with the project.
                I think you probably need to start at the beginning and get a book about Lingo though. You don't need to be a "programmer" Once you get to grips with the basics you can very quickly move on to doing QTVR etc. Or find some example code for doing what you want to do and try to figure out how it works, this is a great way to learn Lingo. The help files also have some useful examples I think.
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                  vrthree Level 1
                  Can you reccomend any good books? I have seen 'Lingo in a nutshell', is that any good?
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                    Cpt.Haddock Level 1
                    Yes! it is good although I suspect it may be a little technical for a real beginer, Sorry I don't have much to offer, I use the "Director in a Nutshell", and the old Macromedia "Using Director MX" and "Lingo Dictionary" but use the latter with caution as it is not the best.
                    Some of the Director Websites have good tutorials, and useful code examples.