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    How to use the MediaController

    ooba Level 1
      Good morning Flash Community,

      Running into a dilema here. I am trying to use the Flash Component MediaController but, the examples that I have found are all streaming in some external audio of video and/or are using the Mediadisplay, this does not help me. I have never really used these components as I have never found anything clear to me on how to use them. So here is the deal. I use ActionScript alot. I'm using ActionScript to create a Sound var and loading in exteranal audio files and or video files. How do I use this MediaController component and bind it to the objects that I create? I am using Flash 8 normal Flash File. I am NOT using the Flash slide document.

      Any help and or links to articles and or tutorials on binding this component to an ActionScript created object would be most appreciated.

      Thank you all.