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    Robo 6

      Sorry for this long msg --- I created CSH (WebHelp) and was able to call and test topics using the CSH tool. When I bring the Help files into my test env (where the Web app resides) and try to display CSH from different app pages, it keeps opening default.htm (my start page). Help is accessible via a Help link in the app.

      I'm using IDs the engineer gave me (he initially gave me a string of #s in a .txt file and I created map IDs in Robo). I gave the eng the new .h file that has the #define. I also added the file to my WebHelp\ folder. Is there anything else that I need to do? BTW, I'm displaying CSH in the main window (same window as default.htm).

      Also, the Help displayed from the app opens in a window that doesn't have the browser back & forward buttons, and address bar (I didn't change the default browser window settings in the project). Thanks for the help.