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    Can´t upload from muse to BC and login trouble


      Hello, I have 2 issues (and I already chatted for 3 hours with the 2 different suppoert teams):


      1. I can´t login in BC (Business Catalyst) and also can do no uploads from Muse to BC (also no login possible, I always get an unknown error.
      2. For BC I have 2 Mail adresses, my old and my new adobe ID. There is no possibility for me to login to BC. I always go around in circles with errors. Please help, I need to do some updates today and tomorrow.


      Best regards, Anna


      I get errors like this:


      Business Catalyst is upgrading to Adobe ID login for all Partner users.

      Your existing Business Catalyst email and password will be overwritten by your Adobe ID email and password.

      To continue using your current Business Catalyst email, please make sure you create an Adobe ID with the same email address. If you already have an Adobe ID with this email address you'll only need to sign in.

      Your clients will continue to use their existing Business Catalyst credentials when logging in and are not required to use Adobe ID.


      I get errors like this:


      This Adobe ID email address is already registered with Business Catalyst and cannot be merged with a different Business Catalyst account.