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    Center Align Text

    Charchit Garg



      I am designing a portfolio website for myself in Adobe Muse.

      And after starting I am facing this problem of Center aligning vertically according to the different browser or device.

      I have tried searching everywhere but I can't find the solution.

      I found this absolute center widget, but that does not seem to work well for me, or I may not have understood it properly.

      I am attaching some screenshots which will give you a clear sense of problem I am facing.

      Screenshot (3).png

      Screenshot (4).png

      In the first two images as you can see that this is the phone layout, and I have sections. I have 4 sections of 100% width and 100% height.

      And what I want is the text which is shown in the center of the image to be centered in the device too which the user is using.


      Screenshot (5).png

      Screenshot (6).png

      In the upper two images, you will see that it is perfectly centered only in iPhone 5s but it does not work in landscape mode.

      Screenshot (7).png

      Screenshot (8).png

      In the last two images you will see that the device is now iPhone 6 plus and in portrait mode, the text is shifted upwards and downwards in landscape.


      I really want to know where I'm going wrong, if you have the solution to this problem, I would be thankful to you for helping me out.


      Thank you

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          1. is this 3rd party widget made to work in the version of Muse you are using? i.e, build 2017.3 or whatever that is

          2. you can't test a design for iphone in your desktop browser... what you see in that preview is just a guess (your default browser IE in this case) thinks a iphone layout will look like but to know for sure you will need to upload the site to a web host server and test with a real iphone

          3. is there some reason why this text needs to be in the middle of the screen or it is just a design idea... there are some simple bootstrap codes that shoulld work and a custom div is what I'd use but I don't have any iphones to test with

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            Charchit Garg Level 1

            Thank you for answering this question.

            I also don't have any iPhones to test with, I think I have to let it be or think of some other design Ideas.

            If you have some bootstrap codes or a custom div, which you think can help me and if you want to please do share but still no iPhones.

            Thanks again for your help and making me aware of some things about Muse