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    loading objects

      im just wanting to find out how i can load multiple objects, made in xsi, into one world in director. I've converted the models to w3d. I can load them in director and put them into the program but their all in their own world with their own cameras etc. I want to create a character, a level and some enemies. What is the best way to put them in the same world for use in a game.

      I apreciate this is a very basic question and so there is probably a bunch of places i can find the answer to this question, but i havnt been able to find anywhere yet. If you could point me to a good tutorial, give me a sample or straight out tell me that would be great.

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          Check that out in the help file. It will let you pull models from one
          w3d member into another. I typically have a "world" sprite on the
          stage. Then, as I need to add characters or other assets, I clone them
          into the world.
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            what can i do to find out the names assigned to the individual models in a cast member. i think i set the name when i created the file but the names i gave the objects doesn't seem to work at all. would it be possible to use model[index] to achieve this.
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              Best way = get 3dPI. It is free to use, though it has a popup that shows
              up every 20 minutes or so if you don't pay for it. It is well worth the


              Next best way = put the member name in the Object Inspector. It will let
              you drill down into the member to see all the models and their names...
              and loads of other info.
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                Thanks very much. The object inspector is what i was missing. I think i know what im doing from here. thanks vry much for all you help. It was adding a "_number" to the naim i set for the models. There were 3 models and they were numbered 3, 4, 5. So they came one "cone_3"... But using the inspector i can change the names so it doesn't matter anyway