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    Premiere Pro CC (and After Effects) Crash and Will Not Re-open, Dynamic Link Issue?


      Hey All,


      New issue just started 2 days ago and is now recurring:


      While editing, Premiere gets stuck and needs to be force quit, resulting in the follow up "Encountered Serious Error" message.  After quitting, when trying to reload the file (or any and I mean any of the autosaves) none will load.  They all get stuck while loading (normally at 99%).  Any After Effects files that were talking to Premiere, via dynamic link, also will no longer load.  Projects are total losses.


      My only guess is there's a bug in dynamic link between the two programs. Thus why when they're loading and then looking to the other for comps, they can't load and get stuck.


      I've now lost 2 separate projects after months of work. 1 of the projects was linked to 2 separate AE files, while the other project was linked to just 1.  On both, After Effects crashed first, followed by Premiere


      Tried Fixes:

      1. Tried loading ANY and ALL autosaves. All corrupted.

      2. Tried importing the projects into new projects.  Do not load, same issue.

      3. Restart/shut down all computers and drives.

      4. Tried opening projects on separate computer.


      Any other tricks?