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    OLAP header renderer


      I actually want to implement something similar in look and feel to the (auto) filter function in Xcel for my OLAP data grid.

      My goal is to have a number of columns in my OLAP grid where the header of one of them has a drop down list attached to it. This list acts like a filter, as in Xcel. So if the user was to chose one of the options in the list then the refreshed grid would only display data for that chosen option (in theory I was going to take the chosen option and create a slicer axis).

      I started simply and tried to just change the style of one of the column's (even all of the column's) header but to no avail. I'm currently using the following format:

      <mx:OLAPDataGrid id="myOLAPDG">
      <mx:OLAPDataGridHeaderRendererProvider styleName="cellStyle"/>

      I'm going wrong somewhere can someone point me in the right direction.