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    Mickey Mouse problem (Mp3 Stream Internetradio sporadic speed problem)

      When I playback an mp3 stream with a Sound object, sometimes the playback speed is way too slow or too fast. This happens only occasionally (with the same sources)! I experienced the problem with the following bandwidths: 32,96,128.
      My Code is similar to the example on Adobe Flex 3 Help "Programming ActionScript 3.0 / Flash Player APIs / Working with sound"

      var s:Sound = new Sound();
      var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("bigSound.mp3");
      var context:SoundLoaderContext = new SoundLoaderContext(8000, true);
      s.load(req, context);

      This problem is known in other forums, but nobody seems to have a solution. Allegedly it works with Action Script 2.0, which I cannot use since I am using Flex 3.

      Is there any workaround? Reload sometimes helps but I cannot detect if playback speed is wrong. please help.