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    Export multiple audio channels



      I wish If I can use the H.264 to export my audios.

      I'm a cameraman working as a freelance to some Media Channels the one that I work with now asked me to export a project as a multichannel audio and they mention if I can use format H.264 and I'm usually working in three channels: Channel1 natural sound channel, Channel2 reporter, and channel Channel3 background music (and the Media Channel need it like that.3 separate MONO) and the length of my projects are 2-4min only.


      I tried and exported to Quicktime format but the video file was very big with the size of  2gigs or more but it separated my audios (which is what I want). I just need a format that would separate my audios into three channels and be a reasonable file size after the export. And I'm using windows 10 with the last version of premiere pro cc 2018.





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