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    anchors away! (help)


      Hi there!

      I am completely new to building websites, I am trying to build one for a small business but I am having major issues making it work.

      I have several different breakpoints so it is viewable on different devices.

      I have been using responsive web tester to see how it looks, but...

      EVERYTHING is shifted.

      I can't understand where I am going wrong - I looked it up and saw that if you change the anchors x axis to -100 or lower it should even out on the screen - but it's still wonky.

      I am not sure if I have some setting turned on to make this happen (maybe fluid width?)

      It looks great in the design screen across all breakpoints.

      It shows up okay in the responsive web tester for certain breakpoints and others it's completely messy.

      Please help!





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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          this is what I get

          Screenshot (180).png


          i think what you did was make 1 design with everything anchored then added breakpoints and all the anchor points jumped around?


          i would remove all the anchor points then upload and test your design (in all its breakpoints) then perhaps add a few anchors back in

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