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    CH crashes when editing audio file

    Terry Lyle Level 1

      I'm making my first animation, a very simple one, and everything has gone fine until now. I prerecorded  a short voice over and imported it into CH. When I dragged the file to the timeline CH crashed. Reopened the app and the audio was still in timeline. Every time I make even a slight alteration to the audio file CH crashes. On reopen the change is there but the crash happens everytime I do anything to the audio file. No other crashes up until this issue. I'm on the current version on a MacBook Pro (2015). The audio file is an MP3. 3mb. I'm grateful for any help. Many thanks.


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          SharonfromMD Level 2

          This may sound simple, but did you put it in the project window first, and then dragged it?


          What changes are you trying to do to the audio file?  I have songs but haven't had any issues. However, I never edit anything in the audio file in CA. I import them from Logic. For me, that's where all the editing is done. I don't think there is a way to cut, paste, change etc. in the audio file.


          I've used a MacBook pro for all of my recordings, but I'm now on a better machine. I haven't used the Adobe program that edits-you might try that one. (Can't remember the name)  Good luck.

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            Terry Lyle Level 1

            Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, I imported the file into the project window then dragged it to the timeline. Crash. Then I just made a slight adjustment cutting off some unecessary content at the end. Crash. Then I moved  vo slightly. Crash.

            Anyway, I'm going to follow your lead and edit the audio outside of CH in Audition then import it. It will be interesting to see if I get the crash when I add it to the time line. At least it will be only one or two crashes before I get what I need.

            Thanks again for your help!

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              Terry Lyle Level 1

              Update. Just in case anyone is interested.

              I took SharonfromMD's suggestion and edited  the audio in Audition. I thought maybe it would work better if I saved as .aiff files. Imported them into CH and when I dragged a file to the timeline, crash. Opened the project and the audio was still there. Clicked on it and...crash.

              So, I ran the disk utility on my Mac, restarted and deleted the .aiff files. Went back to Audition and exported as MP3 files. Imported them into CH and dragged a file to the timeline. No Crash. Dragged another audio file. No crash.

              Now, the original files I imported were MP3 files and they crashed CH. But, saving those same files (after editing) to MP3 files in Audition seemed to work.

              I have a feeling this story isn't over but for now it looks like I'll be able to create my very simple, not more than a minute long, highly anticipated animation.

              I'd appreciate hearing form anyone else who might be having a similar problem. I know I don't have the greatest computer on earth but I should be able to make a simple little cartoon. Right?

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                SharonfromMD Level 2



                I have now a heavy duty iMacPro, but when I made my songs I had a MacBook and have used LogicPro. I put 16GB of ram memory in it. It made a world of difference. You did what I would have suggested. MP3 files are much smaller than .aiff. When I first worked with an animation program (not this one) they only allowed MP3s. You might consider adding memory, if you can't get a new computer.


                So, I've never had the problem you've had. I'm sure it's internal ram. Though, again, I'm not an expert.