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    [Premiere Pro CC 2017] Error compiling movie (GPU Render Error)

    Rafael_Clemente Level 1

      Hi, let's do this.


      I have been haunted by this error since i update Premiere to 2017 version.




      During this time i have prevented this problem, by doing some things:



      A -Enable the "Use Previews"



      B -Move the Lumetri effects to an adjustment layer.



      C- Diseable the CUDA, and utillize the Software only



      At first the A and B metods work just fine, but now they dont work anymore.


      The metod C is, until this exatly moment, is the only way to solve.


      However, as you can see,in this project i have a big sequence and would take a really long time do exporting.


      I want avoid the C metod, besides take forever to render, i am afraid the some effect do not work as should work.


      Update to Premiere Pro CC 2018 will be a solution?


      I dont know if in the Premiere Pro CC 2018 this error stil exist.


      But this is a PrCC2017 project with a lot of composition and dynamic links from After Effects 2017 and Adobe Audition 2017 and i am afraid that if a uptade, some compatibliy problems will apear and i wll get more problems.


      I will have problems if i update?


      Here some info about my PC.







      PS: Btw, I only exported the part with the "problem" and it worked. But when I export the entire project I get this error