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    APOPLECTIC! re Pr Pro vs MS Surface Book

    mikecox_ Level 1

      What can I do?

      I've posted here and I've posted on the Surface Book forum but no one is having this problem, apparently, but me.


      I took the computer the MS Store and showed them what was happening, they got the same results.  They told me the tablet battery wasn't charging, which I was aware of but I never used the Tablet so didn't do anything about.  They said a $600 replace would fix the graphics problem, which it did, but it didn't fix the New Project problem or the problem with with the Background Processes. that prevent Pr from opening until I open the Task Manager and shut Pr Background Processes down.


      Here is what's been happening since I got the new machine.  I can open current projects, but if I try to open a new project Pr times out then goes into "Not Responding" mode, and remains there.  I've tried waiting for as an hour but eventually, I have to shut it down!  The workaround is to save a current project with a new name, then close it and open the project with the new name, clear everything out and start a new project.  From there everything else seems to work ok.


      A couple weeks ago I took the machine back to the MS Store, where, after I showed them what was happening, and told them about the Background Processes issue. I was told it was Adobe's problem but that they would re-stall windows for me to see if that corrected the problem. But I only just did that, when I got the replacement machine.  Why should I expect that option to work now?


      But I decided, what do I have to lose.  I brought the machine home and started uninstalling programs.  When I got to CC I got a "Fix" option so decided to try it.  When the fix was completer I opened Pr and tried opening a new project.  I was stunned when it worked.  But it didn't last!  Today PR refused to open a new project again!


      Oh, and when I try to move subclips from Pl to Pr I got "Pr is improperly installed". I've gotten that before also!


      I tried uninstalling Pr, rebooted, and re-installed Pr. That did not fix that problem and it didn't stop the Pl "Pr improperly installed" error.


      I've also noticed that the Pr icon in the Taskbar is solid white and that Pr will not open from the CC window.


      I've tried installing older versions but that didn't help so I installed the updates again.


      I'm at my wit's end.  MS thinks its Adobes problem and, I expect, Adobe will think it's a MS problem and I will still have the problem that has gone on since I installed Pr Pro!


      The Promotional materials published by MS says the Surface Book will run high end, professional, video editing software, including Pr Pro! Clearly, that is not the case.  But all MS want's to do in re-install the OS, again!


      I would, willingly, PAY a high-level, licensed, Adobe or MS expert to sort this out,I but I don't know where to find such a person.


      Personally, I believe MS needs to take ownership of this problem but all they want to do is pass the buck!


      Can anyone help with a referral or a connection to someone who knows how to get past the firewall between users and hi-end, highly trained, licensed,  experts who could get in the weeds and find the source of these issues?