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    Context Sensitive Help

      OK, bear with me. We have an application we've designed. We have a Help link. Click the link and the Help file opens on the default Topic I have specified. However, the project manager wants the topic that opens in the Main Frame to be context-sensitive as follows: I'm on page X, I click Help and the Help project opens on page X (in the Main frame) rather than the default page I've setup. I've created Map IDS for the topics for which the manager wants this functionality to apply. The engineer can't figure out how to implement this functionality. Current functionality: user is on page X, user clicks Help, Help file opens with default topic in Main frame, Topic X opens in a second window on top of Main frame.

      I won't understand the solution (I'm not a programmer), but any info I can pass on to the engineer would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks/Geoff