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    Acrobat DC full screen not working



      I have a brand new HP Elitebook Windows 10 Pro version 1709. I installed Acrobat DC via Creative Cloud app (version 2018.011.20040).

      Every PDF I open and I put it in full screen (CTRL+L) my monitor flickers, my monitor becomes black and all I see is the cursor (mouse pointer).

      When I press ESC the PDF is displayed normal in Acrobat DC.


      - every PDF

      - only on my pc: I tested it another pc same version version of Acrobat and all is fine.

      - it works fine in Acrobat Reader


      Can anyone help?




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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Natascha,


          We are sorry to hear about the black screen in the monitor when you open a PDF in full screen. Please repair the Acrobat once from help>repair installation and reboot the machine and see if this brings any difference.


          If the issue persists, please use Acrobat cleaner tool to remove Acrobat Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs Reboot the machine and install Acrobat back from Download Pro or Standard versions of Acrobat DC | Non-subscription


          If you still experience the issue, please share the following piece of information so that we can help you in a better manner:

          • Change the screen resolution and see if the issue is reproducible?
          • What is the current screen resolution you are using when you get a black screen when opening the PDF in full-screen mode?
          • Make sure that you have all the mandatory update of the operating system is installed including the graphics drivers.


          Let us know how it goes and share your findings.



          Anand Sri.