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    Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.1 will not start (crashes) on High Sierra

    Jeff.Matthews Level 1

      Hi All


      I just licensed the full CC (all adobe products) and installed on my MBP and Lightroom Classic will not start.   Icon appears, splash screen appears then immediately disappears.  The cloud version of Lightroom works.  Photoshop works.  Same version of LR Classic works on my 2013 Mac Pro (6 core, 64GB, 1 TB, Promise Pegasus 2 8 bay raid (location of catalog)).  No error messages are given.


      15 inch 2016 model with touch bar: 2.9 GHz i7, 16GB 2133 DDR3, Radeon Pro 460 w 4Gb

      High Sierra 10.3.4 everything 100% up to date

      4TB OWC Thunderblade connected via TB3


      I have done the following - all failed



      Uninstall and re-install LR Classic

      Log out of CC, reboot, log in

      Start in Mac safe mode

      Changed power setting removing graphics switching (forcing use of the Radeon over the Intel graphics card)


      Searched forums, searched google and searched online help and found nothing substantial.  Many windows users seem to have similar problems. Nothing has worked.  Any and all help greatly appreciated.