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    zazzle.com type of customization

      Is Flex capable of creating a product customization page similar to that used on www.zazzle.com?

      Here is my goal. I deal in novelty signs and license plates. I offer custom designed products. There are various sizes available. I need to have the user select a size, and have that blank format displayed in the window. Then I need to allow for them to either change the background color, or replace the background with an image uploaded from their computer. That color change or uploaded image would then display within the blank format. I also need to allow the user to add text in any position they desire, any font, any color, any size. All text needs to display as it is added and revised also. Once the user is satisfied with the design, I need them to hit a save button and store the file onto my server in a designated folder that I can access later in order to produce their design.

      Can this be done with Flex? If so, is there anyone out there that is available for hire to complete the project for me? Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated. I need to get this customizing module up and running as soon as possible. If I need a different software, please advise of that also.