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    Adjustment layers not working in CC 2018 on Mac

    AlexJoKeys Level 1

      So as the title says - I have an issue where adjustment layers no longer work.


      Im finding that when I have Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration enabled (OpenCL or Metal), effects that are applied to adjustment layers simply don't work.


      This can be simple effects e.g. Blur or more complex stuff e.g. transitions..etc - When acceleration is enabled, nothing happens when I drop the effect on the adjustment layer and make changes. No render bar appears, simply NOTHING happens. If I switch to software only, the effects work but require rendering after every change to see the affect.


      I'm using Premier 12.1.1 Build 10 (latest update) on MacOS 10.13.4 running on a Late 2013 Mac Pro - 6-Core model with D700 GPUs.


      Any ideas how this can be fixed? Or is the software just not compatible?