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    Essential Graphics template is missing Footage on export


      So I have created a template in After Effects that I use in Premiere.  I have an ongoing project, and use the same lower thirds for all of the videos.  It's uses a .png as a logo and a simple shape as a background with text on top.  Nothing too complicated in terms of motion graphics. 


      However, when I use the template in Premiere via Essential Graphics, sometimes I get the bars showing that my footage is missing (but like the AE "footage is missing" bars, not the red footage is missing from Premiere).  It's the logo that it can't find for whatever reason, but I know that the logo is in the file structure on my computer where it's supposed to be. 


      Right now, restarting Premiere fixes the problem, and it seems to be random when the problem will show up and when it wont.  I've had the problem with After Effects open and when it's been closed.  I've also successfully exported without the problem with it both open and closed. 


      Am I missing something here or is there a button that lets me find that missing footage? It's frustrating because it doesn't show up in my timeline, it just manifests itself when I render out of Premiere or Media Encoder and I have to go back and restart Premiere and re-export my project.