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    Script to join many files in one


      Hi everyone

      I need a script for Photoshop that allow me to create a single file automatically from many other files.

      For example. from 9 tiles files to a unique file 3x3.

      if tiles are more the script has to  include all files  and leave  white space.

      Format has to be square when possible...


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          MiloszSzatkowski Level 1

          Hello, I'm willing to help, but you need to specify all of the functions.


          1.How do you want to get files to proccess?

          You may proccess opened files to a new file or get files chosen by dialog box.

          2.What kind of files do you want to proccess?

          The proccess will differ if you want to merge pdf-s, png-s and jpeg's.

          3.How size will be proccessed?

          I assume you don't have every picture saved as square? Is there cropping required?

          4.How do you want to order files?

          As title says.


          And ->

          Did you start writing any script or have no idea where to start?

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            matteot83058733 Level 1

            Hello Milosz


            1 I would like to choose files from a folder  Photoshop/script/..

            2 My files could be TIFF format or Psd or jpg.

            If I have to choose in order of need... 1 tif  2 psd

            3 I would like to process the files to the half size of the original file

            without changing the proportions. My original files could be square or rectangular.

            Cropping is not required . The final file has to be square the best we can do.

            I don't need any order about files, random is good but reblicable.


            Thank you a lot!!

            If you need further informations don't hesitate to write me back..