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    Desktop and Mobile


      I tried looking and i didnt really find the exact answer i needed. or trusted.


      I live in Hawaii, and had a work gig in Dubai. My laptop is a desktop and i cant bring it with me. so what i did the first time, was i sent all the raw files to my gf at home, via dropbox, and she loaded them onto llightroom, and from my phone in dubai, i was able to edit them. this time however she came with. so. i ended up loading the raw files onto my phone, and working with them from there. over 1000 photos edited. and now im home. i want to upload the original raw files to my computer like i would normally, and change the Collections location. as of now, the collections location on my computer is in a sync'd folder on my computer, which contains a sync'd copy of my original raw files, so technically i could just relocate those. but i want to load the original files from my camera, to my computer, and have all the edits syncd to those original files. is this possible? or are my options, use the sync'd files, or upload the originals and re do the edits.