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    Save mixed audio to filesystem?

      Is it possible to save mixed audio to filesystem?

      i.e. If I have two .mp3 files, I want AIR to Mix the two files and save the output as a new .mp3 file - is this possible?
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          anirudhs Level 2

          AIR has no support to mix mp3 files out of the box, but you could write one yourself. If you did, I would use it :)

          Take a look at what's possible: RichFLV.
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            tgoodmannz Level 1


            I was able to mix the audio by playing it on two separate channels; I could convert that to a ByteArray using the SoundMixer.computeSpectrum static method - but It looks like the array is not exportable to be a useful audio file.

            The Digimix project (which I can't seem to download anymore??) states that it can do that - but I'm not sure how they would have accomplished it....

            Possibly there a way to integrate with the Java Sound Class in the future.......