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    Lightroom Classic CC Presets Folder


      Hello! I have previously used Lightroom 5, but have recently upgraded to Lightroom Classic CC.  When I used Lightroom 5, I would click the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" and all of the presets I installed were listed under the "Develop Presets" section.  When I click on the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" in Lightroom Classic CC, it doesn't look the same.  Only a select few of my presets are found under any of the headings within the folder "Develop Presets".   ALL of the presets are showing up and working correctly within Lightroom, I just can't seem to find them in the correct folder.


      The folder it takes me to when I click "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"  is under the following sequence:

      Macintosh HD - Users - Select User - Library - Application Support - Adobe - Lightroom


      If I click on "Develop Presets", only a handful of presets show up.


      If I use this sequence instead, I am able to find all of my presets.

      Macintosh HD - Users - Select User - Library - Application Support - Adobe - CAMERA RAW - SETTINGS


      I can also find my presets by following this folder sequence:

      Macintosh HD - Users - Select User - Pictures - Lightroom - Lightroom Settings - Settings



      I am so confused on why my presets are not in the folder that it linked with the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder".  I am also unable to find the Local Adjustment brushes that I previously installed while using Lightroom 5.  I can use them all and they show up fine in Lightroom, but I can't find them in a folder. 


      **UPDATE:  I am able to find the Lightroom Brushes in a folder if I open Lightroom 5, but they are nowhere to be found with Lightroom CC.


      Can anyone provide guidance on this issue?  I'm not overly concerned since my presets are working fine, but I am worried about when I try to install new presets in the future.


      I know this post is long and I hope it makes sense!


      Thank you!