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    Disappointed with Adobe's horrible customer service


      I am so irate with Adobe and their complete lack of customer service the last few months.


      Seven months ago I decided to try Adobe Stock as I am part of a non-profit and had to make a poster and flyers for a Christmas activity. After using one photo, I cancelled my subscription. Fast-forward to April and my husband (who is in charge of tracking the finances) alerts me that I have been charged $30 a month for Stock. So I essentially paid Adobe $128.16 for ONE photo I used for a poster I did for a NON-profit organization! This trial they offer with Stock is a well-known scam with Adobe (check the forums or just Google). I am an extremely responsible person and always cancel trials in time. After talking to someone on chat, they cancelled my subscription without a cancellation fee but refused to reimburse me for the 7 months I didn't use Stock, which they can surely see on their end was not used.


      This week I tried to use After Effects so after updating it, it failed to launch. Upon launch, I am greeted with this message: After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup.  This is after I downloaded the latest version.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't fix the problem.


      After trying everything I could think of, I contacted Adobe on chat on Wednesday and after 3 hours, the rep was unable to resolve my issue, sent me an email with step-by-step instructions that only a programmer could understand, and hung up on me. I then reconnected with someone else (on chat and the phone) who remotely accessed my computer over the course of 5 HOURS and STILL was unable to resolve the issue and hung up on me. He called me back a couple hours later and assured me he would fix it the next day. I had to take an entire day off of work and I still have this headache that isn't fixed!!! I could not afford to do that.


      I called the next day at around 6 pm (since the rep failed to call me back like he said he would) was on hold for 45 minutes and still unable to get in contact with the rep who worked with me before, since he supposedly works at a different location, and was told they would make a note in my case and that he would contact me promptly. Well, it's been two days and I haven't heard from anyone. All I can assume is Adobe has given up on fixing it for me, yet I'm still paying for the subscription.


      This whole ordeal is completely unacceptable. I have been a loyal Adobe customer for at least ten years. I feel like I have no recourse at this point. I am totally done with Adobe unless they make this right in the next couple days (refund the money they scammed me out of for Stock AND fix After Effects) or I will report them to the Better Business Bureau and to my credit card company for fraudulent charges.