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    Installation of Acrobat 11 Pro on Windows 10 computer failed

    ubose Level 1

      My Acrobat 11 Pro worked fine on my computer running Windows 7. I upgraded to Windows 10 and went ahead with installing Acrobat 11 Pro from the same CD but the installation ran for more than two hours and then quit with a message saying something like installation ran out of time. I clicked on cancel and it displayed the installation bar rolling back followed by a message saying that it was not installed. I shut down my computer. The next day when I tried once again to install Acrobat 11 Pro, it says invalid serial number when I enter the number in the initial steps of installation. How can the serial number be invalid after I used it for several years on my Windows 7 computer? Also, it did not say that on my first attempt to install on the Windows 10 computer. My suspicion is that the failed installation may have done something in the Windows registry which is causing this problem? What can I do?


      Thanks. Paul