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    PSE 15 FREEZES/ERRORS 20-40 times a day!

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      Hello All,


      I get confused on all the options here on Adobe.  I am disabled and take a lot of meds that crash my short term memory.  I  tried the old, 'search and see if others have answered your question'.  It did not appear that anybody had.  I posted to something that was two years old on the topic.  I doubt that will ever get seen so I did the 'cardinal sin' of posting the same post twice.  Please forgive me.  I only want my PSE 15 to work properly and find all the post options (forum vs. discussion vs ???) confusing. I don't even know what area I am in now.  Am I writing in the 'Forums' area?  Am I writing in the 'Support'?  And, which area 'should' I be posting these questions in?


      So, here is my problem:


      PSE 15 ALWAYS freezing up. 


      I spent 600 bucks (which is a lot of money to me) to buy a PC that would have enough 'horsepower' to run PSE 15. 


      I have an HP Envy.  It has 16gb of RAM.  And currently the free space on the HD looks like this:  123 GB free of 919 GB.  So, I understand, I am running out of HD space.  What are some good ways to fix that? Move all my songs and pics to an EXTERNAL HD . .. then when ever I want to listen to songs and/or look at pics -- I have to be forever tethered to an external HD?  I cannot afford 'Cloud' services.


      It runs on Windows 10 Home 64 bit, CPU is Intel Core i7 7500U @ 2.7 Ghz.  The HD is Western Digital.  It runs flawlessly at 5,400 rpms.  I have been using computers for about 25 years.  During that time I have owned at least 7 different PC's.  This Envy is by far the fastest and most stable that I have ever owned.  YET, every single time I open/use PSE 15 -- it is freeze, freeze, freeze. So much so, that I rarely use the program.  And that is sad.  Very sad.  Can someone help me with this problem please?  I searched the forum.  Others have mentioned this problem.  Yet no where did I find that the problem was SOLVED.


      This happens off a fresh reboot with NONE of my other programs (my thoughts being - that is when my PC will perform at its BEST).


      It happens daily -- 20-30 times when using PSE 15.  The message it always gives me is something like this;


      "The program is unresponsive, do you want to wait, or do you want Windows to force the program to close?" Well, if I am in the middle of what is turning out to be a pretty cool pic, I'm like, 'Wait.  Wait.  PLEASE don't freeze up and cause a REBOOT!  I have been working on this pic for an hour now!"


      Usually after a wait of 30 seconds up to 5 minutes . . . the error message is gone and PSE 15 is ready to perform again.  Keep in mind, at the time of these freeze ups, it is the ONLY program that I have open!


      I love how the programs works, when and while it is working correctly.  But I cringe to fire up up the program because of the frustrations mentioned above. 


      One last thing, my catalog has about 34,000 images in it. 


      Thank you in advance for your help.