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    Lightroom Classic CC BUG:  LR is always freezing/not responding after Import from SD Card


      As described above each single time I’m importing pictures (from SD Card) on Lightroom Classic CC (Version 7.3.1) , lightroom is freezing, also “Program Not Responding”.  This is happening always on 100% of the imports.


      The exact moment/timing on which Lightroom CC Classic  is freezing is always the same: It’s actually importing correctly the pictures into the Catalog & HD however when the import is finished and on the first mouse click wherever within Lightroom it’s immediately freezing.


      This is not definitely not a Hardware problem but 100% a Lightroom CC Classic BUG and I will explain why I’m 100% sure about that:


      I just recently switched to the subscribed Adobe Cloud version of Lightroom CC Classic and I still have installed on my PC the older stand-alone version of Lightroom 6 having also backups of my older Lightroom 6 Catalogs.

      So I opened my older Lightroom 6 Catalogs and imported exactly the same pictures from exactly the same SD Cards using the exactly the same Hardware. I done this this 4 times and the result was always the same Lightroom 6 is  100% successfully importing the pictures from the SD cards without any single problem.

      (btw during this tests and by Importing exactly the same pictures from the SD cards to LR Classic CC and then to LR 6, I noticed that indeed LR Classic CC is much-much faster on the import than LR 6 ….however what’s the benefit of that if it’s always freezing and not responding 

      That’s why I’m stating that it’s 100% a LR Classic CC BUG and I’m very disappointed about this extremely major issue.


      Hope that either Adobe will fix this Bug, or maybe somebody here had the same experience / knows any solution on this ???


      Any help would be highly appreciated !!!!!!



      REMARK: The above BUG is happening only on the SD Card import: I tried to copy first the pictures from the SD Card to the Hard disk and after that to import them into LR Classic CC and it’s working without any problem.

      So the freezing is happening only on direct import from SD Card, but only on LR Classic CC and not on the older LR 6.

      However to copy first the photos from the SD Card to the HD is definitely a not acceptable option since I did not payed a lot more money to Adobe in order to make each time extra efforts and not being able to make the very essential things like importing photos from a SD Card .

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe you are experiencing the same issue that I have been experiencing. There is a solution for now. I know, you shouldn't have to deal with a workaround because you are paying good money for good software and shouldn't have to deal with such inconveniences. But Adobe has confirmed that there is an issue. They are working on it. It should be resolved in an upcoming release. In the meantime the workaround is to use your system browser to copy the images from your SD card to a folder on your computer. Then, in Lightroom, import them using the Add option.


          On my computer, for the last couple of updates, I have been able to import and then start editing the newly imported images only to have Lightroom crash within a short period of time. After I restart Lightroom I am able to continue entertaining without incident. For the last two or three imports I have followed the procedure I described above, and have not experienced the problem with the crashing. I realize it isn't as convenient and look forward to when the problem is resolved. In the meantime, I consider this a reasonable workaround.

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            I have been experiencing the same issue for a week or so now and while I have not been as methodical as dmitrisp, I have managed to just keep closing LR with the alt/ctrl/delete function and reopening until it is stable and I can proceed to Develop. Is it possible that this significant diminution  of LR's function is affecting all or a significant fraction of LR subscribers? Shocking, I would say.  As if a print journal like the New York Times was mailing  out newspapers with most of the pages blank and issuing no apologies or promises to restore full value to its subscribers. I find that Adobe hides it shortcomings behind an implied excuse that "this is really difficult stuff we do and we have so many customers that we cannot afford to have actual customer service representatives so just throw your problems out to generous and knowledgeable forum personnel and maybe they can offer some help that we at Adobe can't  trouble ourselves to provide. " Really!!  Any one at Adobe willing to say that this is not the case?  So paying subscribers are just to "look forward to when the problem is resolved. " I am not casting any blame towards you, "Jim Hess" and I appreciate your efforts to share what workarounds you have developed. 

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              bob frost Level 3

              I don't have any problem importing from my SD cards (all Sandisk) using a Sandisk reader. So it is not a bug affecting everyone! I always used to copy my images to the HDD in the past and then import to LR because LR used to be a bit flaky on import, but for this last year or so I have imported directly without problems. Using LR 7.3.1. What brand of card are you using; they are not all equal!


              Bob Frost

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                dimitrisp78313558 Level 1


                Thanks Jim for your quick reply.

                Happy to hear that at least Adobe is knowing this issue and that they are working on that…. I hope however that Abobe will indeed will fix this bug very soon.

                Until then , yes I sounds that I will be forced to use the workaround by copying first the photos from the SD Card to the HDD and only then importing them to LR.

                PS Even if after LR Classic CC is crashing after each import from SD Card, after forcing LR to close, up to now it is re-opening again and working normally. However I’m not feeling comfortable to keep this crash and re-start workflow since it could be that one of the times there will be some corruption on the Catalog files



                Thanks also for your feedback !

                Some thought on your commend (of course they are just my personal opinion)

                Adobe Lightroom (in general ) is a really great and excellent application and at this point I would hardly imagine myself using any other alternative application for my photography.

                However up to the point LR it was a stand alone application without requesting a monthly “payroll” I believe that it had also an totally unbeatable value for money.

                But I noticed that very shortly after Abobe discontinued support for LR6 and launched the newer subscription version, there is an increased tendency on new alternatives from competitors which are hitting the market (or improved versions of older existing applications)


                Also -as far as I have read - after Adobe has changed to the subscription only applications, they have already recorded a interesting increase on profit. As long as Adobe will not request in the near future /year ..an higher price for the subscription applications, (also will not choose an aggressive pricing policy)  and as long as they will invest some of their profit on the customer support / bug resolving as also application improvements, I believe that it will be still hard to beat from any competitor .

                But if some if the above facts will change further the already changed value for money of Adobe products and taking into consideration that competitors are coming up with new / better applications, the current market leader situation may be changed.

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                  dimitrisp78313558 Level 1

                  Thanks Bob for your feedback.


                  Yes I’m aware that’s not a bug affecting everyone. I searched also on google and definitely they are also other users having the same problem as I, and they are also other more lucky users not having no issues   .

                  As I explained I do not believe that is hardware related, L6 is reading exactly the same SD Cards with exactly the same content without any problem. The problem occurs only in LR Classic CC (just for the records: all of my SD Cards and the reader are from Sandisk, I’m not using anything else).


                  However if I understood you correct your though was that it could be hardware related, but not in the meaning of misfunctioning hardware, but that LR Classic CC has some bug / malfunctions when running on PCs with some specific hardware setups (which specific hardware is not causing any kind of a problem for LR6). This makes sense and hope that Adobe will be able to fix their software problem soon.

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                    Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    There is a known bug in the 'Devices' section of import window. Can check whether you still have the same issue when you select the SD card via 'Files' section as shown below?


                    Note: auto eject will not work in Files section.



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                      dimitrisp78313558 Level 1

                      Hi Ian


                      Many thanks for the tip !


                      I tried it out and It’s partially working  !!

                      I thing I have a clue of what exactly is causing the problem during the import from SD Card.and it's actually the SD Card Device EJECT EVENT


                      I tried various scenarios (having of course -just in case- a fresh back-up of my LR Catalog as also Pictures)


                      1. Importing from SD Cards via Devices

                      As per the problem description at my initial post - and this is always my workflow – I’m importing the photos directly from the devices (and not via file selection as you have suggested Ian).

                      After reading your note that “auto eject will not work in Files section” I realized that there is actually this auto eject option if you are importing via Devices (having this always enabled all over the years I din't though at all at this )

                      So I tried disabling (uncheck) this "Eject after Import"  option on the import window and the result is that LR Classic CC is not Crashing after the import, BUT ...


                      ... in this case after the import is completed it is not possible to eject the SD Card via "Safety remove Hardware: as long as LR is open, SD Card cannot be ejected "Device currently in Use" (on LR 6 device is not in use after the import so it's possible to eject the card, )


                      B. Importing from SD Cards via Folder / File Selection (as per above post & suggestion from Ian Lyons)

                      There is no crash after the import from SD Card. However on this import approach it is possible to Eject the SD Card via "Safety Remove Hardware"  but if you do that SD Card will be indeed Ejected correctly but at the same time LR is immediately hanging


                      Conclusion: Based on the above It seems that LR Classic CC is having problem to handle the SD Card Eject event on some PCs either via Auto Eject  option or also manually via Safety Remove Hardware and in all cases ejecting the SD Card is immediately causing LR to hang.


                      =======>>>>>> based on the above and until Adobe will fix this Bug the best workaround would be disabling Auto Eject and not ejecting the SD Card as long as LR is open (at least this is a better workaround for me than to copying first the photos to the HDD and after that to import them to LR from the disk)


                      Notes LR6 : Since I made previously some comparison how the older stand alone version of LR6 is handling the import from SD Card, I repeated exactly all workflow steps as above points A and B and on all cases LR 6 has no having any issues importing files / ejecting SD card either using Auto Eject option or manually ejecting the SD card via "Safety remove hardware" (either having the photos imported via "Devices" or "Files" ...no issues)