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    how to decrease speed of multiple image clips?


      1st problem: i have multiple image that i want to combine into a video, but when i check box the image sequence and import them, some of the image were stacking or scale really small for unknown reason, like this bandicam 2018-05-27 21-07-15-766.jpg - Google Drive . is it due to the picture were not in the same aspect ratio as the sequence were set to?


      2nd problem: because of the problem i stated above, i couldn't do the work simple, so i have to put each image into the sequence and set the duration manually, now i want to decrease the duration of all the clips in the sequence, but i cant which i guess due to all the clips were right next to each other sticking, can anyone help me with this issue? if someone know how to fix the first problem then i guess no need to answer this second problem


      any answer is appreciated:)