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    Change capture date of pics to their folder's name (date)

    make-tech-simpler Level 1

      For some reason, many of my photos have wrong 'capture dates' showing in the current version of LR Classic, on Windows 10. At some point, they were correct because when they were imported, they were created in a folder with the date they were captured. Aside from looking at the metadata of each photo (90,000+) and grouping and manually changing, is there a way I can have the 'capture date' changed to the 'folder date/name'?

      For an added twist, the folder name format varies, as shown below.







      \\pictures\2016 01 15\pic3.JPG



      I stumbled upon ExifTool but it seems command-line based and I don't know the syntax to use to tackle this problem, and I wonder if LR Classic can help.