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    How to describe and replicate this style?

    StanWelks Level 1

      I am pretty new to photography and Lightroom, and I like the look of these photos ∼ D i a n a   ∼ (@diana_zap) • Instagram photos and videos


      1. How would you describe the look of these photos? Muted? Desaturated? Matte? Film like? All of the above? Other?

      2. Can you please give me an overview of what is being done in LR to create this look? Not looking for step-by-step instructions, just what is primarily being done with the tone curve, basic sliders and saturation sliders.



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          At a quick glance, there does not seem to be anything special about the processing.

          Without knowing what the originals looked like, I would say the posted pics have increased saturation and increased contrast.

          The sky in many of the shots does seem desaturated.


          If you want, post some unedited examples of yours and we can suggest ways to get similar looks.