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    layer scales when using dragger with hinge or weld on

    mre8 Level 1

      The hinge and weld layer setting is not working as I expect.


      The online guide says when set to hinge:  "The layer can rotate, but can’t move or scale around its origin.” BUT, I can rotate around the origin and scale (stretch?) Chloe’s arm around the origin.


      Also, the weld option behaves just like the hinge option, but should not be able to "move, rotate, or scale” around the origin.


      I've tried this with attach set to auto or choosing body.


      I am using the Chloe character. This also happens with my own characters, but I am using Chloe to make sure the problem isn't my puppet build.


      Basically, I don’t want limbs to be stretching (is this what "no scaling means?" when I move them…