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    Excessive issues trying to import MP4's, editing MP4 clips and playbacks.

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      I'm not sure what went wrong with the last updates but these problems have pretty much halted my ability to make video game reviews.


      The process involves using a capture card to grab gameplay footage I record in MP4 format. I import relevant clips into the timeline for editing in which I trim it down and arrange it in accordance to my commentary bits.


      Normally I'd import a MP4 put it in the Timeline use the razor tool to cut up a clip removing unnecessary parts or cutting the useful bits and separating them. I'd clear all the sections I'm not going to use. Safe and only the portions of clip I intend to use are utilized in the finished product.


      However.. As of late Every MP4 from my Capture card I import would have excessive screen tearing and a weird rewind effect where it'd play normally then it'd decide to on it's own start the footage at the beginning of the clip. I'd test the clip. Clear the cache etc nothing work. The MP4's are fine and playback normally in any other playback software except Adobe premiere.


      The other issue is when I edit a MP4 AKA remove the bits I'm not going to use. After clearing the parts I want to discard it'd actually just move the beginning of the clip to the portion at the beginning where I made the cut and automatically undo my edit. So say I wanna remove loading screen at the beginning of a clip. I'll razor cut it to the point I want to begin playing the clip. It'd just re add the loading screen footage I removed.


      I somehow got the software to work properly for 20 minutes when I updated the encoder software but then when I reopened premier to add more clips I intend to use. Despite saving when it was working properly all these problems returned and undid all my editing.


      I don't care what version of Adobe Primer I'm using. I just want it to work. And these updates cause more problems than they seem to solve and this one is costing me big time. My business is video game reviews and if I can't get Adobe primer to work then I'm essentially not working.


      Before you ask yes I made certain Premier was updated to the latest version. At the moment I'm going to try older versions as I need to get videos made and I can't wait months for Adobe to get this glitchy mess to work properly again.

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          I still have the issues described here.  If further information is required I'll share it. I use Windows 10. The Capture card in Question is the Elgato HD 60. The Main Symptoms I experience include general performance issues from Adobe Premiere. Often times when importing a bit of Capture card Footage to a project Adobe Premiere would say "Not responding" For a while before actually importing. Similar lag when I actually add the MP4 to the Timeline.


          If that were all of the problems I could just ignore it and soldier on. But alas the main symptoms I'm about to mention makes my work impossible. The video will either play back out of sync with constant random partial rewinds and freezes. Or it'd just not play at all while the audio continues going like nothing's wrong. In order to edit this for a video game review I actually need to see what I'm doing. I've long since ruled out corrupt recordings. The same MP4's work fine in every other piece of software that can use the MP4's.


          While all the other functionality of Premier does work fine not being able to show footage of the game I'm reviewing kinda makes the review worthless. What's weird Before that update had zero such issue with the MP4's.


          I'd appreciate a response from the dev team as this is my livelihood being jeopardized right now.