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    Drag character from a 'Cast' or MIAW

    Mike Crisp Level 1
      Hi I am doing some investigation before saying yes to a project.... this is the first question of many !!

      The user wishes to have a library of Sports coaching equipment which they can select and drag onto the stage and arrange without limits e.g.

      Library (which might come from a MIAW) contains, cones, ladders, bibs, balls, goals hoops etc etc - If i want 4 cones on the screen I click the cone in my library and drag it to the stage 4 times and arrange wherever (using movable in prop inspector) if I want an extra cone I just drag another one etc etc.

      Similarly 'Player characters' numbered 1-99 in various colours (squad numbers) drag these onto the screen.

      It would also be great to have an'Exchange Cast member' type feature where if I wanted to swap player 5 for player 60 I click on who I want out and who I want in and click exchange or 'Substitute'

      Any ideas, thanks in advance
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I did something similar to this a while back. I had three sets of eight graphics that worked as stickers. The user could click and drag any of the stickers to a new location on the stage.

          If I remember correctly, I created a new sprite on the users mouseDown event, positioned this new sprite, under the user's cursor and let it be dragged to a new location on the stage. The user's mouseUp set the sticker sprite in place.

          To remove a sticker, the user just dragged it off a set area of the stage. It was all pretty simple to do.