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    batch rename in LR classic using metadata tool

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      I used the batch rename tool in the meta data tool to rename a large selection of photo's in a catalog in a LR classic.  The rename seemed to work well, and the edited setting are still intact but I have a question about the actual image files in the image folder.  I was expecting the raw image files to be "renamed".  Looking at the files in the folder, the images were copied and then renamed.  the originals are in the folder as well as the newly named files.  the times stamps seem to match between the old and new names, so I assume all went well.   the LR catalog doesn't show images with 'unknown location'. so I guess they are pointed to the newly named files.?

      BUT i'm a little leary of deleting the 2300 original named files, all _DSCxxxx.     It confusing that the utility did not just 'rename' the image files but copied and renamed them, which was not really discussed in any of the help videos.  ( really excellent one from Ben Wilmore) which showed batch renaming, but didn't really open the folder with the files in it.


      note:  these are in a catalog from 2010, which Ihave updated.   In more recent years, I use Adobe Bridge to rename all my RAW files before importing them into LR classic, but I have a few old catalogs that need to be cleaned up to make all my file name uniform.  


      thank you