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    Multiple Forms in One Flash Document and Posting using ASP

      Hello everyone!

      I have some what of a dilemma on my hands. I am creating multiple forms in one document using Flash and need them to post using ASP script. I have been researching this for the last six days, and I have had NO luck. I have noticed that all the information that I have found is for one form, not more than one.

      What I have so far is the Flash document, with 4 forms. The basic idea is that a user chooses from a drop down menu (the combobox) a location, and depending on the location chosen, it takes the user to another frame in the flash document. That form (all their own movie clip) contains a name field, a department field, and either a manager name a userID field or an employee number as well as the basic buttons for submitting the form or resetting the form.

      So far what I have working is the drop down menu (combobox) taking me to the proper frame and it shows the appropriate form. The reset button clearing the form (deleting any information that I have imputed into the input fields), but I have absolutely NO idea how to get the submit button to work (I did manage to get it to send me a message if there was nothing in one of the input fields), and NO idea how to get the information to the ASP file.

      Where there are 4 forms do each of them have to have their own ASP file attached to them, or can I use one?

      If anyone knows a site that deals with multiple forms in one SWF and posts using ASP that would be greatly appreciated, or if you know some actionscript that could be helpful.

      Thank you all in advance.