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    Data from one Muse site linked to another

    Chuck Braman Level 1

      I just had a very strange experience.


      Within a question that I typed on a forum on a third-party website, I typed a URL to a page on one of my Muse websites: http://chuckbraman.com/quintet.html


      After I published the question, instead of the URL displaying as a plain URL, the URL displayed as a graphic, including a logo, of an entirely different Muse website of mine, https://www.newyorkjazzbands.com, although if you click on the graphic, it takes you to chuckbraman.com, not newyorkjazzbands.com, as it would seem to indicate.


      See: https://forum.webflow.com/t/trying-to-create-a-sticky-element/59918


      Does anyone have an idea of what is happening here?


      (1) Why are this logo and graphic replacing the plain URL?


      (2) Why is the WRONG logo and graphic (for a website different than the URL) showing up?


      (3) Where in my original Muse file, if anywhere, is this data coming from? (I can't find the reference to the text "Hire a great New York Jazz Band for your Concert, Party, Restaurant or Wedding" anywhere in my Muse file, or in the source code of the webpage. But I can't imagine where else this could be sourced from.)


      And how I can correct this behavior?


      I'm really perplexed by this.


      Thanks to anyone who can help.