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    Debugger host prompt at Run?

    Handycam Level 1
      In Flex Builder 2, I would just choose "run project" and the project would open in my browser. In Flex Builder 3, this action first opens a prompt to choose a debug sever (default localhost, option to enter a different server).

      I don't understand, I'm not running any kind of debug server. How do I just launch my web app without this prompt? It's pretty annoying. Thanks!
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          Gaurav J Adobe Employee
          I seems you did not update the player on your machine.

          Also in the flex 2, the swf is compiled in release mode. But in flex 3 swf is compiled in debug mode and you need to do Project -> "Export release build" to compiled it in release mode.

          But in any case, updating the player version should fix the issue that you are seeing.

          Gaurav Jain
          Flex SDK Team