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    Linked Smart Objects - changing the file path via (Hex)Editor or Script?


      I'm not native English.


      I have a file with a lot of linked Smart Objects.


      The folder for these objects has now been moved. Photoshop no longer finds the files automatically.


      This is about the setup of my PSD file:


      PSD file with 400 linked Smart Objects.


      These were previously on the hard disk like this:









      The new path is now as follows:









      Photoshop is not able to automatically re-link all Smart Objects. Probably because all files have the same name.


      Is there a way to have only the part of the file path changed automatically?

      Via Java Script e.g.?


      If I look at the PSD file with a HEX editor, I can see the paths clearly (in the XMP).


      Here is an excerpt of this file:






                     <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">




                     <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">




                     <rdf:li rdf:parseType="Resource">






      Now I could simply exchange all paths in a hex editor via "Search and Replace". But when I save the edited PSD, Photoshop doesn't open it anymore. An error then appears. The window will show "EOF - End Of File".


      The only possibility now is to reconnect all linked content by hand. This is very complex and takes a long time. Is there another option here?


      Thank you very much for your help!