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    Subscribed and paid for 16 images on 5th March, used 6 and my subscription is now expired???


      I am self employed and trying to get  website traffic, I subscribed on 5th March for 16 adobe images, so far I have licensed 7, although of the the last two one isn't the correct format and the other has failed to download in a format I can use or that wordpress or my computer can recognise.


      I checked my account and I was surprised to see my account has expired, after only 3 months and not even half way through my allowance?   This is really frustrating as I was not aware of a time scale for this subscription, the nearly £100 was a big investment for me and I had planned to use the images as I slowly build up my website with key word rich blogs and I really thought that I had at least one year to use the images.


      Can someone please help?