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    Flex 2 app not updating after build

    Maxxotic Level 1
      I have a Flex 2 app in which I have updated the text of a simple label. After building, if I run from Flex Builder, the application looks ok (the changes are there). When I veiw the .swf file in the standalone player, the changes are there. But when I upload to my webserver and request the PHP page that it is embeded in, I get the old version. If I delete the .swf file and load the PHP page, I get a blank flex app background color but nothing else, so I know I'm updating the correct file. When I subsequently replace the deleted .swf file with my newly built one and load the PHP page, I see the old version with the old label. I have tried "clean" in Flex Builder but this doesn't help. I have set my Flash Player local storage setting to 'none' I have uninstalled/reinstalled flash player. Not sure what else to try

      Puzzling, please help.