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    Extension panel not saved in Workspace

    daves95694859 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm currently developing an Illustrator plug-in/extension hybrid where I am using the extension for the UI.

      I have been trying to get it so that the positioning and showing status of the panel is saved between sessions and in the workspace.

      For the most part this works automatically, however it appears that if I dock the panel with other panels such that it is part of a tab group and then have one of the other tabs active (see A below) when closing illustrator/changing workspace, on next restart/reload the tab for the panel has been removed (see B below). Occasionally this seems to be fine for changing workspace, but always happens when restarting illustrator. In any other use case (floating, docked, in a tab group and active (see C below)) it is recalled correctly. Am I missing something or this a bug in the way Extensions are handled or is this by design?


      Many thanks in advance.




      B (restarting Illustrator after A):