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    Other apps (spotify, youtube) crash when I use Premiere


      Hi everyone,


      I encountered this weird bug and I have no clue why this is happening. Im not really smart with computers so I dont know where to start if I want to fix this.


      The problem I'm facing is that when I'm watching a video (something like a podcast or musicvideo's) on youtube that I want to listen to while editing or when im listening to spotify. And I open premiere (haven't checked if any other apps cause the same problem), the video or music tells me. "There was an error. Try again later." and then the video or music stops.


      If I alt-tab back to the video I can reload it and it doesn't affect premiere. However if I then switch back to premiere again, the apps crash again.... Has anyone else had this before? Or does anyone think they know a solution? I'd be happy to hear it!


      I'm running the latest version of Premiere Pro CC and Windows 10.